1CRM is available in three Editions: Startup, Professional, and Enterprise. All three are available as an On Premise Software License, while only Professional and Enterprise Editions are available via the 1CRM Cloud service. They all contain a wide range of CRM, Order Management, Project Management, and Service Management capabilities.

While there are several advanced features which are exclusive to the Enterprise Edition, the Startup Edition is almost identical to the Professional Edition, except for the following points:

• Permits a maximum of 5 users

• Has a limited capacity of 500 Accounts, 1,000 Contacts, 1,000 Leads, and 1,000 Targets

• Does not include or offer a support & updates subscription.


While the Startup Edition does not offer a subscription to support & updates, it does have available a number of support resources:

• User and Implementation Guides (nearly 500 pages total)

• Online Help System, with hundreds of images, fully indexed and searchable

• Special forums for users of the Startup Edition (available shortly)

How Can I Get it?:

To request a free download of the 1CRM Startup Edition, simply fill out the form on our contact page, including your name, your full company name, your email address and phone number. You will receive by email the download link for 1CRM Startup Edition, ready to install on your own server. You will also receive your own unique software license key.

Note: You will need to accept the terms of the 1CRM Software License agreement in order to install and use this software.

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